Big Dreams About Little Tanks...

Here at RKX Miniatures, we are committed to producing high quality 28mm miniatures of some of World War Two's lesser represented vehicles. As War-gamers first and foremost we aim to ensure that all of our miniatures are easy to assemble and sturdy enough to be handled but without compromising on detail. After all, they still need to look good on the table!

Small Beginnings

RKX Miniatures comes out of my small dream to own a model shop. Myself, a long time wargamer (and having been building model kits since a child) I had always been captured by the magic of these places and the miniatures they sold. However, as time went on this dream morphed somewhat, and an interest in designing my own miniatures started to take hold. 

There was one issue.

I didn't know how miniatures were even made, let alone whether I was capable of making them myself.  As a result the full year prior to RKX Miniatures birth, was spent teaching myself to use 3d modelling software, 3d printing, mould making and casting.

The first miniature that I ever created therefore was not a tank, or armoured car, nor anything really... it was a simple wedge-like box of rivets, hinges and other assorted details. 

But don't let any of that fool you; we at RKX miniatures may have had small beginnings, but we certainly have big ambitions.
After all, "Little by little, one travels far."


Richard Knox- CEO and Founder

What's Next?

Now a team of two, we continue to expand our brand.


Currently we are working on:

Expanding into the 3D printing market.

Since we started, we have used 3d printing to produce our masters. Now we are beginning to release miniatures specifically for the home printing market! We've already kicked this off with our first ever kickstarter for STL files- which funded by a whopping 1346%!!

Commission work.

Designing some more Cold War vehicles for our friends at Full Metal Miniatures.

Attending more trade shows- having attended Broadside last year, we are looking to attend more!​