M30 Cargo Carrier.

Around 100 were produced between 1942 and 1945. The M30 was created to support the M12 Gun Motor Carriage (also available for purchase), which had limited space for ammunition. Both designs were created on a modified M3 Lee chassis and were created to work in pairs.


The M30 carried up to 40 rounds of ammunition, and could be armed with a .50 cal Browning M2 heavy machine gun in an anti-aircraft mount for defence, though the much-diminished Luftwaffe likely made this a thankfully rare occurrence.


Both designs served the armoured field artillery battalions with distinction, and were a valued asset in the allied assaults on the Siegfried Line. When not needed to directly support the M12, M30s could be called on as ad hoc cargo carriers for other goods.

M30 Cargo Carrier

  • M30 Cargo Carrier.

    1:56 Scale (28mm).


    Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

    Display base not included.