This RKX kit contains one Otter Light Reconnaissance Car (LRC). The analysis of the British Expeditionary Force’s performance in 1940 led to the creation of a new corps – the Reconnaissance Corps. Tasked with providing vital information to infantry divisions, the ‘Recce Corps’ needed new equipment to fulfil their role. This demand for light armoured cars to support the Recce Corps led to the creation of the Otter LRC, supplementing the similar Humber LRC (also available as an RKX kit). Developed in 1942 from the Chevrolet C15 Canadian Military Pattern truck chassis by General Motors Canada, the Otter was similar to the Humber LRC, with the same armament of a Boys AT rifle and a Bren light machine gun. The increased height of the vehicle over the Humber gave improved field of vision, though its heavier weight of 4.4 tons meant it was slower. Around 1,000 were delivered from Canadian factories for use overseas. The Otter LRC served in the British Recce Corps, as well as Canadian and South African forces. It was also used by the RAF Regiment for the capture and defence of airfields vital to RAF use.

Otter LRC

  • Otter LRC

    1:56 Scale (28mm).


    Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

    Display base not included.