Our Hurtgen forest Kickstarter is nearly live!

Check out the quality/printability by downloading this free Volksgrenadier.

Who doesn't love free stuff?!

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2022 Kickstarter Sample STL

  • We are pleased to present this sample file from our Kickstarter, which goes live at 13:00 (GMT) 9th April: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/rkxminiatures/hurtgen-forest

    This download contains Pre- and Un-supported versions of one of our 28mm Volksgrenadiers!

    Please note: This is product is a digital STL File, for 3d printing, not a physical miniature.


    Volksgrenadiers were a new type of formation introduced in 1944, in response to the losses sustained by the German army. The formation was intended to emphasize defensive, rather than offensive, ability. Volksgrenadiers were intended to be equipped largely with STG44's but availability meant that most had to make do with other weaponry.