StuIG 33B

This RKX kit contains one SturmInfanterieGeschütz (StuIG) 33B.

As Germany pressed into the Soviet Union it became apparent, especially once they engaged in claustrophobic urban combat at Stalingrad, that new assault vehicles were required. Demand arose for a
new heavily armoured vehicle armed with a large gun, capable of ‘demolishing entire houses with only a few rounds’.

Conversion of existing StuG III chassis began in 1941, with 24 completed by October 1942. The new higher casemate housed a modified 15cm sIG 33/1 infantry gun, with storage for 30 rounds. Armour thickness reached 80mm in places.

The StuIG would see service in assault gun battalions fighting in Stalingrad, as well as the 22nd Panzer Division, who were destroyed trying to relieve the encircled Sixth Army. Five examples were still in service by September 1944, and one survives to this day, held in

StuIG 33B

  • StuIG 33B

    1:56 Scale (28mm).


    Supplied unassembled and unpainted.

    Display base not included.