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STL files for 28mm (1/56) T16 Carrier

This pack includes various weapon options including 50cal, 2inch mortar, stowed PIAT, stowed Bren, Stowed rifles. Crew options included both Mkii and Mkiii helmets. 
Please note - this is a digital file for home 3d printing

Crew Sculpted by Propylene Foliescu

Crew Posed by Richard Knox
Carrier by Matt Webb


T16 Carrier

  • Parts:
    Number of parts - 21 (including crew and stowage options)
    Removable hatches - N/A

    Support and hollowing options included:
    Presupported - Yes
    Unsupported - Yes
    Pre Hollowed - No

    Test Printing:
    28mm - Printing successful
    20mm - Not attempted


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