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STL files for 28mm (1/56) Universal Carrier Pack

This pack includes various weapon options including Bren pintle, 50cal, 2inch mortar, Vickers, stowed PIAT, stowed Bren, Stowed rifles. Crew options included both Mkii and Mkiii helmets. 
Please note - this is a digital file for home 3d printing

Crew Sculpted by Propylene Foliescu

Crew Posed by Richard Knox
Carrier by Matt Webb


Universal Carrier Pack

  • Parts:
    Number of parts - 26 (including crew and stowage options)
    Removable hatches - N/A

    Support and hollowing options included:
    Presupported - Yes
    Unsupported - Yes
    Pre Hollowed - No

    Test Printing:
    28mm - Printing successful
    20mm - Not attempted


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